Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy explains how we collect, store and use personal data of individuals –data subjects (hereinafter – clients). The term “personal data” is construed within the boundaries hereof as any information that allows
identifying a specific individual. Please read the “SWISS FLAVOURS” SIA Privacy Policy thoroughly.

Who we are

“SWISS FLAVOURS” SIA, registration number 40003907259, is a food colourant and flavouring agent
manufacturer and a wholesale enterprise dealing in other edible raw materials. “SWISS FLAVOURS”
SIA has its headquarters in Riga since 2007. Thanks to our rapid growth, the company has assumed a
stable position on the Baltic market as one of the most prominent suppliers of food additives.

Which personal data we process

“SWISS FLAVOURS” SIA collects the following client personal data: first name, surname, mailing address, phone number, video surveillance records and images, communication data – e-mail, letters, bank details or other information involved in communication between the Client and “SWISS FLAVOURS” SIA, and the data communicated to “SWISS FLAVOURS” SIA by the Client himself/herself. Clients’ IP address information; cookies (website browsing data) – data regarding the “SWISS FLAVOURS” SIA website ( sessions; date, time and scope of browsing, location at the time of browsing. “SWISS FLAVOURS” SIA does not assume any liability for any unauthorised access to and/or loss of personal data not depending in any way on “SWISS FLAVOURS” SIA, e.g., through the Client’s fault and/or negligence.

Data collection purposes and legal grounds for data processing

“SWISS FLAVOURS” SIA processes the personal data of its clients (first name, surname, personal No., e-mail, phone No., residential address), in order to identify clients and make service provision contracts, as well as to comply with the requirements of regulatory acts providing for the processing of specific personal data in the process of executing a contract. Provision of services is impossible without the processing of these personal data. The legal grounds of the processing of these personal data is the processing of data for the performance of contracts, as well as the statutory duty to identify persons and comply with the requirements of regulatory acts. Video surveillance is used at the factory of “SWISS FLAVOURS” SIA at 5 Priežu Street, Babīte, LV2101, which entails the processing of clients’ personal data (images). The purpose of data processing is the prevention and detection of crime in the context of protection of property and vital interests of a person, including life and health, as well as ensuring compliance with the food safety policy. The legal grounds for the processing of these personal data are the lawful interests of “SWISS FLAVOURS” SIA and vital interests of the data subject.

“SWISS FLAVOURS” SIA processes the personal data specified in the CV of its potential employees for the purpose of evaluating the appropriateness of a potential employee for the respective vacancy. The legal grounds for the processing of these personal data arise from the clients’ consent. Any kind of data processing employed by “SWISS FLAVOURS” SIA implies obtainment of data from the respective client. “SWISS FLAVOURS” SIA processes the acquired information in good faith and in compliance with the law; the information provided by clients is only used for the purposes specified in this Privacy Policy, and shall in no way be used for any purposes other than those associated with this Privacy Policy.

Disclosure of personal data

In order to comply with its legal obligations, “SWISS FLAVOURS” SIA may provide the personal data of its clients to law enforcement agencies and government or municipal institutions upon request thereof, if required to do so by the provisions of any regulatory acts. “SWISS FLAVOURS” SIA may provide the personal data of its clients to law enforcement agencies and government or municipal institutions for the purpose of protecting its legal interests in accordance with the procedure provided for by regulatory acts.

Clients’ personal data processing site

“SWISS FLAVOURS” SIA processes the clients’ data in the EU / EEA. Clients’ data are not processed
in or sent to any non-EU / EEA countries.

Confidentiality and data security

“SWISS FLAVOURS” SIA acknowledges the great importance of confidentiality, so we use appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect the personal data provided by our clients. The security procedures employed by “SWISS FLAVOURS” SIA meet the provisions of the currently effective regulatory acts governing the issues of personal data protection. All employees of “SWISS FLAVOURS” SIA comply with the confidentiality, security and personal data protection policy. Only authorised employees of “SWISS FLAVOURS” SIA and partners cooperating with “SWISS FLAVOURS” SIA in reliance upon the respective contracts have access to clients’ data. “SWISS FLAVOURS” SIA reacts to any client objections concerning data processing and takes all actions required to satisfy the clients’ objections. If “SWISS FLAVOURS” SIA fails to react to a client’s objections or complaints regarding the client’s personal data processing, the client may file a complaint with the personal data processing monitoring agency, the Data State Inspectorate, contacts: 11/13-15 Blaumaņa Street, Riga, phone No. 67223131, e-mail:

Data storage period

We store the personal data (first name, surname, personal No., e-mail, phone No., residential address) of our clients for the duration of the period provided for by regulatory acts, upon expiration of which the clients’ data may be deleted. Data obtained by means by video surveillance are stored for 30 calendar days. Phone conversations and automatic answering unit records are not stored. Personal data specified in employees’ CV are deleted in six months. If the data subject consents to be examined as a nominee for other potential vacancies at “SWISS FLAVOURS” SIA as well, the CV data are stored until the data subject’s consent is revoked. The clients’ personal data subject to processing in accordance with any effective regulatory act are stored until the expiration of the period provided for by the respective regulatory act, and shall not be removed at the client’s request.

What are cookies, and how “SWISS FLAVOURS” SIA can process these

Cookies are small text files created and saved on a client’s device (PC, tablet, mobile phone, etc.) whenever a client visits the website of “SWISS FLAVOURS” SIA. Cookies “remember” the user’s experience and basic data, thus making the usage of “SWISS FLAVOURS” SIA website more convenient.

Cookies are used to process general user habits and website usage history, diagnose problems and faults in the operation of the website, collect user habit statistics and ensure complete and comfortable usage of the website’s functionality.

If a client does not wish to use cookies, the client may disable these in the settings of his / her browser; however, in this case, the site may be considerably more difficult and uncomfortable to use. Saved cookies can be deleted from the settings of your browser, by means of deleting the saved cookie history. The websites maintained by “SWISS FLAVOURS” SIA use functional, analytical, advertising and necessary cookies.

Rights of clients

Pursuant to the effective regulatory acts governing the issue of personal data protection, clients have the following rights:
• the right to restrict personal data processing,
• the right to revoke consent to the processing of personal data,
• the right to access personal data,
• the right to have the clients’ personal data corrected or deleted from the system of “SWISS FLAVOURS” SIA, unless there are legal grounds for “SWISS FLAVOURS” SIA to continue processing clients’ personal data.

If a client informs “SWISS FLAVOURS” SIA of his / her wish to use any of these rights, “SWISS FLAVOURS” SIA will answer to the client’s request within one month of receipt thereof.

Clients can contact “SWISS FLAVOURS” SIA for information on their personal data currently at the disposal of “SWISS FLAVOURS” SIA, as well as to have these data confirmed or corrected. Clients may request deletion of their personal data currently being at the disposal of “SWISS FLAVOURS” SIA.

If “SWISS FLAVOURS” SIA updates this Policy, all amendments are published at the website of “SWISS FLAVOURS” SIA , under “Privacy Policy”

Clients can contact us at any time by calling +371 67327120, writing to the legal address of “SWISS FLAVOURS” SIA – 5 Priežu Street, Babīte, LV-2101, sending an e-mail to, or via Skype: swissflavours

Contact us

If you have any questions regarding the Privacy Policy of “SWISS FLAVOURS” SIA, please contact us:

Reg. No. 40003907259
Legal address: 5 Priežu Street, Babīte, LV-2101
Mailing address: 5 Priežu Street, Babīte, LV-2101
phone No.: +371 67327120,